A comprehensive service during the whole development lifecycle:

  • Technical designs and test plan
  • Test programme and execution

We adapt standards to your business needs, by applying specific programming techniques that are required by SAP solutions:

  • Business Data Toolset (BDT)
  • Business Add In (BAdI)
  • Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI)
  • Others

A reliable and low-maintenance ABAP programming: we are goal-orientated, have configuration tables for clients and perfectly integrated to the standards.

  • New programming frameworks
  • We are pioneers in the new SAP UI5 platform


We are active SAP partners and we provide training in SAP Spain, as well as courses about this solution at several consultancies and Spanish business schools.

Our own ‘Real Estate Processes Mapping Library’ in which we consolidate all optimal property management processes based on the best practices in the industry.

We have a Lab where we analyse new business processes from customers, which have no functional coverage in the standard solutions. After analysing them and obtaining the optimal solution from the technological point of view, they are incorporated into our ‘Real Estate Processes Mapping Library’ where they will be available for new customers.